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    Apps! They're not just those things you have before the entree' anymore!


      Anyone who knows phones knows that the mobile/cell phone has evolved and developed for years into what it is today. What was once a bulky device that did nothing more than make wireless phone calls away from the desk has now become the businessman's "mobile command center". In today's hectic business environment, there isn't enough time in the day to sit in an office managing business and then venture out to finish up the personal meetings and face-to-face aspects of the job so many smart business people have turned to smart phones! And what helps drive a smart phone for the smart consumer? The applications the owner installs to get the information they need quickly and effectively. Steve Strauss has written an interesting piece about Using Apps for Business that is definitely worth a read for anyone who utilizes their smart phone for business!



      What's your favourite app?



      I'm interested in seeing the variety of apps you, the community members, use and what apps get the best reviews from you guys! Let's discuss!