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    marketing idea's

    luca bella Newbie



      I am looking for some idea's on how to give the best customer service. Make them keep coming back and make them feel like they are the only customer. I am looking for some great marketing idea's

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          One of the keys to marketing and customer service is networking.

          The other key is to develop a marketing plan

          Circulate, get out and get connected

          Develop strong presentation skills

          Build relationships

          Learn to listen.

          The good news is that we’ll soon enter a brand new era of prosperity.

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            Do your best to give the customer what they want at a price they can afford! Always be polite and respectful. Never talk down to a potential customer. Don't pretend to be someone or something you're not ... don't try to deceive them. Just be yourself, advertise your business to them in its unmasked truth. Consumers don't like to think they are getting one thing only to find it isn't at all what it was hyped up to be. And most of all, appreciate their loyalty and patronage ... never take a customer for granted because the consumer is a fickle beast and if there is a competitor out there to turn to when you upset them, they will find them.




            I hope this was helpful. I wish I could be more specific on the "marketing" angle but I can't really give you any specific marketing techniques that would be of assistance without more information. All the best!





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              Albin Wayfarer

              You should have a very good plan for this.


              The mistake done by most of the startups is have same employee in sales and customer support. This sucks. You should make sure customer support is a separate department. Also, some ticket based setup will work good.

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                Paula Chapman Newbie

                Hello! First of all, applause for understanding how important good customer service is! Without it, your business can not survive.

                I have found over the years that the best ideas are based on continually letting your customers know how much you value them. Never underestimate the power of an authentic "Thank you." Beyond that, I often add a small surprise in a shipment - several See's Suckers or a small box of candy. Part of your efforts will depend on how many customers you have, or intend to have. Some things are not easily done for hundreds of customers.  But, if you cull out your top 10, you can  send a hand-written thank you card several times a year. Try to pass referrals along to them, if they have their own business.

                From a more conventional standpoint, a bi-weekly newsletter with some great tips is always welcome. This does require you to collect email addresses (which is always a good idea).

                Best of luck!

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                  HalfPriceSoft Adventurer

                  Customers are ours friends. When we try our best to help them, they will know it and look us as their friends too.


                  We started to use a ticket system including livechat recently, it helps.



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                    Glenn Sasscer Wayfarer

                    Put yourself in your customer's position when they call and respond in the manner you would want to be responded.


                    Intergrate some form of a customer call tracking database that keeps the key points for each customer and their contact history. When the customer calls, this database should be a click away to refresh yourself.


                    Comments like, "The last time you called, you ordered these 5 things... I can give you the same pricing now as I did then" can generate sales, but a comment like, "The last time you called, you said you were teaching your daugher to drive... how's that going?" will make a customer think they are your only priority or they are your favorite.

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                      CorpCons08 Ranger

                      Luca Bella,


                      While some of the suggestions that have been made are decent ones, they are missing one key point. What do you consider outstanding customer service when you are in the customer's role?


                      Personalization is one of the greatest ways to win your customer's heart and business. I use a practice of jotting down personal notes or birthdays on my calendar. I like to contact my customers on important dates and either, a) wish them the best on their special day, or b) wish them luck with something important like an exam, etc. I never make a sales pitch on these calls, and I never use it as a chance to advertise, etc.


                      My customers always comment to my colleagues how awesome it was that I called them or remembered the date.


                      Hope this helps you. Regards,



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                          That's a very simple yet effective response, guys! I agree that putting yourself in the consumer’s shoes can be a helpful means to an end. I only have one small addendum to it. Do not strive to meet your own expectations as a consumer ... strive to exceed them! Giving more to your customers than you, yourself, would expect to receive as a consumer should help you to provide the above and beyond, wow-factor customer service that will knock your customers socks off!