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    Huge QB file -- Multiple users -- slowing down/freezing up

    DianaBSCS Wayfarer

      Ok...  so I've a read a TON of different suggestions here...  but I'm still not sure what to do in my company's case...


      We have Enterprise 11.0 and our data file is 1.6G (dating back about 7 years) with roughly 9 users in at any given time... 


      We are getting a lot of "working" pop-ups... and sluggish movement between transactions...  add in the occasional complete shut-down... and we're definitely in need of a solution.


      We have considered the following:


      -- Condense/Clean Data Utility -- but have seen that there is a lot of file integrity damage with it

      -- Shrink the file -- but most outside companies that offer this service only reduce it by 20%... and is that really that much that it would help??

      -- Create a new company file -- concerned about not transferring all the necessary information to function smoothly


      I would love to hear from someone who actually had this problem... and exactly what THEY did to fix it... and if they've had any trouble since then...



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          Craig Parker Tracker

          Condense/Clean...  I suspect that if QB was writing efficiently in the first place, this wouldn't be necessary.  I'm not surprised that people have lost data after such a process.

          What does a file look like?  I haven't fought with one in several years, and don't remember if it was plain text, binary, or something else.


          Were I you, I'd go the "New Company File" route.  You might have a lull coming up (holidays) that would give you time to do it.  I have no idea how you can get data out and in without too much ruckus.


          I'd set up a whole other computer to mess with it.  Install QB, set up your existing file, start a new one, practice dumping what you need (I have no idea what this is) out of the big file into the new one.  When you think your've got it down, try it for real over Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years.


          So you know, I'm used to MySQL and PostgreSQL, where data transfer is trivial.  Even reading from two databases (kind of like two qb files) at once to pull reports based on info in both.  I don't remember what QB is capable of.


          I'm in the process of talking some accountants (up in my neck of the woods) into giving Postbooks a whirl.  I'll probably post on my blog about it, but I can keep folks over here informed as well.

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            Craig Parker Tracker

            Diana, what course did you end up aiming for?  I've not heard from the accountants since I first mentioned Postbooks to them; the husband seems pretty "pro opensource" anyway, so he might have already run with it and will be totally converted next time I see him.  Yeah, right.  Nice thought though...