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    LeLa Uniforms and Embroidery

    lelauniforms Newbie

      As a Uniform Scrubs and labcoats) wholeseller, located locally in Beltsville Maryland, where can I find more customers for my business?


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          Witty_Frosty Adventurer

          I got some ideas that may not be so blockbusting, but practical and I'm confident it will work.


          If all you are asking is where, then I'd say schools, hospitals.


          But if you are asking how — for your part, you can try call or email those potential buyer, if you are too busy or relatively experienceless, there are marketing companies out there — sales-pros, telemarketers, try to negotiate a deal with them, get them to work on commission fee, if they win, you win too.


          You can also hire some experienced salesperson, they will go to college, highschools and find the right person to talk to, better yet, some of them might already have ties with those purchasers.  Of course  marketing company can do the same thing for you.


          Hope it helps. And BTW, if you are looking for suppliers for scrubs and uniforms, you can come to me.