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    swimwear line

    Shawndrika O. Newbie

      I am in need of finding a swimsuit manufacturer and how to start! I know we have a small business resource center at opur community college, but I have some debts.  am not sure I can get a loan. I really want to start. I have good sketches. I am just not sure where to go from here. Help please...

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          The small business center at your college may very well indeed be the first place you should go. If for no other reason than to seek any advice they may be able to give you. Also, talk to some of your instructors. Presuming that you are currently studying design and manufacturing, they should have advice as to where you could start seeing as they are actually teaching within that field. Also, if your community college offers Business Management courses, see if you can make an appointment to talk to those instructors. They could give you good advice on the business side such as selling and marketing your designs once you find a manufacturer and what else is involved beyond the design & manufacturing process.




          You may also want to consider finding out exactly what state your credit is in. It may not be as bad as you think. Don't make decisions based on what you may or may not be sure of ... make decisions based on facts! I always go out of my way to get all of the facts I can so that I can make informed decisions and it has always been beneficial.




          Lastly, check out the SBA website and SCORE. Both are free resources that may be able to answer many questions for you.




          Best of luck!