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    When the Twitter Bug Bites: Is it worth the effort to market your business via Twitter?


      I was reading the new Steve Strauss article this morning, and I have to admit that I felt the same way about Twitter that he used to ... and admittedly, I am still not a huge fan of the service. I have 1 follower who has not left me yet, though I am not sure why that is. Sometimes, I get a follower who follows for a day or two then disappears. I can't say I am overwhelmed with Twitting, tweeting, re-tweeting or trying to understand the complication of hashtags. I am not sure my brain can handle bothering to understand it all, let alone attempting to utilize it to market either of our home based businesses. In fact, I am just now grasping the hang of Facebook and figuring out the benefits of it enough to be able to help other friends utilize it to market their business and so on. The spousal unit still refuses to even get on the Facebook bandwagon, so I'm thinking that right now, we are still on our anti-Twitter stance.



      However, Steve did make a few good points that might hedge me a little closer to the Twitter train. He gave some tips on how to gain more Twitter followers and I think that is possibly the primary reason I just don't like tweeting ... because I am just not sure how to get those quality followers without having the surname "Kutcher", however, according to Steve, it is possible, so I guess it's time for me to give it another try.


      Do you have any Twitter Tips & Tricks to offer that may also make my re-venture into Twitterdom a little less mind boggling? I have the duct tape around my head so it doesn't explode and can use all of the help I can get, so come on everyone ... let's hear your Twitter Thoughts!!!






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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Following your line of questioning, today's Wall Street Journal asks a business riddle.


          More people are turning off their T V. So why are advertisers spending larger sums to advertise??


          Again - Thoughts??

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              Very good point, Luckiest! It doesn't quite pertain to the discussion I was hoping for but it is indeed a valid discussion point!




              Even if you don't consider the number of people turning off their televisions, solely taking into account the effect the DVR has had on a person’s ability to bypass commercials, I sometimes wonder why advertisers continue spending considerable sums on television advertising. I rarely watch live television anymore because my DVR has freed me from the need to sit glued to that box. Instead, I get to sit glued to this one!! Yay! But seriously, until someone makes a way to keep us from hitting the FF during a DVR recording (and I have heard talk here and there that someone was trying) there isn't much of anything that will make me stop hitting the FF button. Admittedly, once in a blue moon, an advertiser will catch my eye and I will back up to see what the ad was about but it's few and far between ... especially with the limited time I have these days to catch up on all of my favourite shows!




              I do believe that it's probably a case of television marketing being like "old faithful" in that possibly, it still produces the bigger bang for the buck and it's what most people are used to. As we know, change isn't a widely appreciated thing and not everyone is a quick to adapt to it as others. There are those stubborn old-school types (myself included) who stick with the tried and true until it bursts into flames and dies before we are willing to try something new.




              Now, I gave you my thoughts on your topic. Do you have any Twitter tricks or tips for me, Luckiest??





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              TeleSource Center Adventurer

              It is my opinion (being in a marketing profession for over 20 years), that sites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook cannot be ignored in your corporate marketing strategy.  Have you noticed many TV commercials (most for big name brands) have their Facebook address rather than their corporate website?  If you spend even a couple of hours a week posting to these sites, it is building your brand and is worth the time.


              Don't overwhelm yourself trying to tweet every hour - one tweet per week is plenty (and don't forget that it helps build links from their very popular site back to yours which is one of the keys to SEO).


              I recently purchased a software product online and was offered a discount if I "liked" the seller on Facebook.  It was win/win since I saved money and the company had a quality "like".


              Twitter is just not for celebrities and gossip anymore.  And in closing, please follow me on twitter.


              Nick McCallion

              Director of Client Services

              TeleSource Center

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                  LOL Nice closing! I like that! I did however, remove the contact info from your signature as the community team prefers that members keep PII and contact info within their profile and then link to it much like you did with your Twitter closing! 



                  You could very easily create a signature that looks something like this:


                  View my profile for full contact information.


                  This gives the user the option to view your profile and any additional information you may have shared without having it in a post within the community where it could be exposed to external phishing schemes or devices.


                  We are asking that you don't post your personal information, email address or any other means a member may use to contact you within a post and that you utilize your profile for all means of contact. That way the user is able to see whatever information you deem necessary including and not limited to, how to contact you via email, telephone and website.


                  Thanks so much for bringing a smile to my face with your Twitter closing and we look forward to seeing more from you in the future!




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                  Steve Strauss Guide

                  It doesn’t matter where you start – whether you have 1 or 100 followers. What matters is that you dive into at least ONE of the major social media platforms. It need not be Twitter. The important thing is that you get a foothold in some social media real estate. It will make a difference.