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    Pointers on a Photography Business (Newbie)

    ezedia0624 Newbie

      Hello everyone,


           I've always helped people in getting their accounts ready for their businesses, but like they said, "When the shoe is on the other foot..." it is very intimidating. A mirage of questions run through your head: How do I even start, where do I go, what document is that? I was wondering if I may ask the forum for any help or suggestions on starting a new business in today's era, kind of like "grab my hand and lead" situation from my side. I have it down to the type of documents needed to file to get the business registered, and where to open an account, but then what?


           What can I expect, or even better....what should I prepare for? As of now, it will be me and a business partner till further notice. That is the basic information I can provide for now because I haven't even opened the business just yet. I'm the type of person who prefers to get his facts straight and all the information possible before doing that first step. I would like to thank you all in advance for taking some time and helping a newbie start-up. All suggestions are appreciated and any information will be taken in and considered.


      Enjoy the rest of your day......

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          Pecesita Newbie

          Hi Ezequiel,


          Great idea to have your photography business. I want to mention that you should expect a tough economy right know, but that doesn't mean you won't find a great niche or market to focus on. Even thoug you said you always try to be prepared for everything in your future venture, remember that it will be impossible to get all the facts just straight... sometimes there are important facts that we must straighten on the way...  of course, get as much information as you can; If I were you, I would probably invest a little money on consulting about this venture with professionals in the field. Always focus primarily on starting any business partnership with the best mood, and that is possible when you put yourself in the best and positive mindset to share opinions and vision. Be clear, have the papers to sing well explained, go with your future partner  for a cup of coffee and mentally walk through the worst situation it may happen... what will you both do if....?


          Last, keep in mind your exit strategy!


          Best luck,



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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Good post, Sol.

              The other key to success is networking

              Circulate, get out and get connected

              Develop strong presentation skills in addition to photography skills

              Build relations before you need them.

              Ask EVERYBODY, Friends, family members, colleagues, former teachers and peers for introductions.

              networking is about forging relations.

              Learn to listen.

              The good news is that we’ll soon enter a brand new era of prosperity.