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    Starting a clothing company in europe

    Petterat Wayfarer


      My name is Petter, and me and some friends are starting a clothing brand as a school project this year. This is a youth enterprice and will be a part of our grade, but it's also our own project that we put our money and freetime in too!  We have a logo, a name and allready some designs!

      So, we where wondering if someone in europe would be interested to produce our clothes? (outside europe is ok, but we would prefere an european company)

      It is mostly tall tees in the beginning, but if everything goes as planned we will proceed to hoodies, jackets, pants etc.

      It is very important that you undestand it's tall clothing we are after!

      We are looking to produce Tall clothing for snowboarding, skiing and as ''casual'' wear. We are all skiiers and snowboarders and that put's us in the middle of our target group! Males and Females 10-25

      So if it's anything you would like to know or you are interested please let me know!




      Best regards Petter