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    How to pay income tax for International student?

    Kent Newbie

      Hi There


      There is a business which relates with my major (Business). And also I am currently on OPT. the question is that how do I pay for income tax if my profit would be more than 3,000 dollar per month? I'd appreciate for any reply.

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          Hi Kent! I am no tax expert but I will try to help you out here as best as I can!



          First of all, I suggest that you go to the IRS's website and read up on tax filing for international students. I believe you would file either a 1040-NR or a 1040NR-EZ and that there is also a mandatory form 8843 that must be completed to maintain the students nonresident status and exclude the students presence from the Substantial Presence Test. Even if students did not receive any type of income from U.S. sources, they are still required to file Form 8843. Form 8843 must generally be filed by June 15 barring any changes or extensions the government may make.



          The first thing you must do before filing your tax returns on Form 1040NR is to determine whether you are a nonresident, resident or dual status alien for tax purposes.



          I hope this helps you to find the answers you seek and I wish you the best of luck!!