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    Business Advertisers

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      I am just starting out with a Home Based Business.  I have a part time job as a flyer distributor.  I am advertising for a carpet cleaning business.  So I came up with a great idea to be a Business Advertiser.   Not exactly knowing how to start a business on the ground floor  I was approached about advertising for someone's business.   There business is a new business and they are trying to get traffic to their website..I made flyers for this company. Since then I have 4 more clients and I believe that I am becoming successful in my business.   My question is how to market this business.  I design business cards and flyers. Should I include my designing fee plus the actual pricing for business cards. And what suggestions do you have for printing services.  Should I contract with a printing service when I need flyers printed.   Can anyone give me any suggestions ...thank you


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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Georgia. Good luck with your home based business.

          Having 4 clients is a great start and whatever you did for your clients you should do for yourself.

          NO you should NOT include your designing fee plus the actual pricing for business cards.

          Each client will be a little different and YES you want your price to be open to change.

          YES you should contract with a printing service when you need flyers printed if you get a better price.

          It sounds like you need to work on a marketing plan.

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            jhawk Newbie

            Good luck on your business.


            Driving traffic to your clients websites. If these are brick and mortar businesses. Help them set up a free give away of one of their products or services at their store location.

            It doesn't have to be the top end item but something of decent value. Do this by holding a drawing at the store or business location. In order to enter and win get information such as name, address, phone

            and most important email address. Place a check box on the entry card if they want email notifications of special offers and discounts this is key. Only send emails to those who check the box to avoid spam. In the emails direct them to your clients website to get the discounts and offers.


            The easiest way to do this is by a newsletter you could add that as part of your service.


            However it is very important to have a option for them to opt out of the emails. This could be done easily through a email service they will provide the opt out option for you. Over time your clients could build a massive list of

            subscribers send them a monthly newsletter that drives them straight to their websites. They could develop a turn-key advertising system that could be placed on autopilot and bring them business for years to come if done right.


            Another benefit to you is by holding the drawings for them you will meet other business owners to grow your client base. If you have any questions I'd be glad to help.