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    Investors for new business

    snflwr7 Wayfarer

      Don't know much about Angel Investors...can anyone give me any information on how that works and if it's a good route to take when opening a new business?

      Thank you

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          IvanBliminse Wayfarer

          Depending on your experience in the field you are in, Angel Investors could be the best form of an investor.


          An Angel Investor invests there own funds, unlike a venture capitilist, whom pools together the money from various individuals to supply the funds.


          Angel Investors are usually friends or family or someone close to you.  They give you the money, and basically stay out of your way.  You don't seek their help and they trust that you are prepared enough to not need it.


          Just go to and type "Angel Investors" and read the articles that come up about it.



          Point is, if you know your field of business, Angel Investor is exactly that, your Angel because its the best thing for you ( depending on circumstances)


          Don't know if that helped or not, but best regards to you.



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