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    Starting a spa

    snflwr7 Wayfarer

      I am going to be opening a spa in the city where I live. The services that I will be having at the spa will be massage, facials, hands & feet, hair, and waxing. Would anyone know approximately what is the usual amount of money that these technicians would pay for renting a booth/room (around about figure)?

      Thank you

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Good luck with the Spa. How soon do you plan on opening it??.

          It would help to know what part of Florida.

          Your profile says "Started in Yonkers, NY where I grew up. Now I'm in the process of opening my own Spa in Florida."

          As you know, the rate of pay tecks would pay in N Y is very different from Florida, and

          YES also different from say Miami to other cities cities.

          If I wanted to find out what a teck would pay, I would visit other spas in the area and act as you were the teck

          and wanted to rent a booth from them.


          Again good luck and let us know how you make out.