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    husband-wife LLC umbrella with multiple DBAs

    hownwhy Newbie

      I currently have one DBA that was set up as sole prop. I would like to register another DBA for another business and put both businesses under an LLC. I would like to include my husband in all three, and we live a community state (TX). So, as I undersatnd, we will be able to be taxed as sole prop under the LLC because we are married, and keep things simple. But, as what entity do I register the DBAs for the two businesses under the LLC? Sole Prop? General Partnership? I want to be sure that the LLC protection is there, but I don't think I need to register the other DBAs as LLC, right? That would be another $300 for each on state fees. Does it really matter if I state on all my paperwork and websites that the businesses are run under the LLC? I guess this isn't a very common question. I can't find the info anywhere on the net. Or maybe I'm just trying to make it too complicated. Suggestions?