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    Please help me on social media marketing!

    HalfPriceSoft Adventurer

      We are payroll software company and started social media marketing this year. Whenever new version is available or tax table or tax form changes, we will post such information to Twitter and Facebook.

      We are glad to see more people are following us on Twitter now. However, just a few people like us on Facebook.


      Our Twitter page



      We do not know why? Did we do something wrong? Can we invite our customers to be our friends on Facebook? Will they think it is spam?

      Any suggestions?



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          Hello Casey,


          You actually have part of your answer in your questions.  "Will they think it is spam?"   In short, that is what they might already think.  All your tweets and Facebook posts appear to be advertising or links to articles. It would be helpful to add a more interactive touch to it.  For instance, this weekend was the start of the football season.  For a post you could have said "Who is excited about the season opener between the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers?"   (At least I think that's who it was, I don't follow football myself.)  


          Now it is going to be harder then other brands for you to get likes because I don't think many people on Facebook think about payroll software.  That being said, do your best to add that personal touch.  Don't be afraid to ask for likes as long as you are willing to dialog with the people who follow you.  If they tweet at you or ask a question on Facebook, respond back.  Most importantly though, don't make every post look like an ad.


          You also can hire companies to help you improve your following if you so choose.


          Hope this helps.



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            LUCKIEST Guide

            It sounds like you have a marketing plan.

            Part of the plan is to identify your target market.

            Who are your most probable customers.


            Do you know about "Market Segmentation"??


            I will be happy to explain more