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    Looking for a website content/ copywriter

    Holly09 Wayfarer

      I am looking for a writer to write content for website home page, services , product . etc

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          SME_ally Adventurer

          hi holly09, could you possibly provide more details about type of website, content you need written and budget?

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            Qmedia Newbie

            Hi Holly09, I agree with SME_ally in that you will need to provide a touch more info on what your website is about and the budget you have to develop it. I have a copy writer/product branding specialist that works for my company and has helped me create written content for my website (link on my profile). Take a look at it and if that is the sort of thing your looking for then please feel free to contact me. Thanks.

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Content is the most valuable component of your online marketing.

              Simply by adding content, you can (almost always) get more exposure from search engines and more traffic.

              And the content on your website may be your most critical promotion tool.

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                  LUCKIEST Guide

                  Many business owners think, “When you hire a copywriter, you get content. Words. Headlines.


                  (1) Get help with decisions on whether to go with 1 website or many.


                  (2) Create your website navigation.


                  (3) Choose your photo (or edit the one you have).


                  (4) Fill the holes in your marketing.


                  (5) Write the script for your video.


                  (6) Communicate with your web designer so your message doesn’t get lost behind overwhelming graphics.


                  (7) Recognize hidden dimensions of your expertise and experience that translate into higher fees.


                  (8) Increase traffic without resorting to arcane SEO methods.


                  Clients are often surprised to find themselves getting more traffic – after working with a copywriter.