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    why you need a point of sale if you own a retail business or retail store.

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      Many people never think of a point of sale when starting a retial business. But a point of sale is more then just a glorified cash register. When people use a point of sale to its fullest there are many benefits that will help a business make more money. Most people make the mistake fo getting a point of sale system and only use it as a checkout and never fully uses all the features that they have to offer. With a point of sale system you can save money(Eliminate shrinkage, Improve accuracy on prices, keep prices updated, control inventory and set your profit margins. You can also be better informed about your business (Know excatly how much you have tied up in inventory, know which customers makes you the most money, find out which products sell best, how much profit you have made, how much you have in the cash drawer, know more about your house accounts, know which items you need to reorder, build a customer list, and much more depending on what your system has to offer. A POS also allows you to be more productive. Reduce paperwork. Now with a push of a button you can transfer info to quickbooks, email purchase orders, do inventory, look at sales figures, faster checkout for customers, end of the day reports, and much more giving you more time to do marketing or providing customer service. Most companies who use a point of sale see an increase of 5% in their profit margins which pays for the Point of Sale system.


      The current company we have been recommending  is It has a lot of functions and reporting that many companies do not offer. We are looking for other companies to evaluate.


      How do you feel about point of sale systems? Do you have any other companies you would suggest?