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    Fair vendor/retailer

    Witty_Frosty Adventurer

      Hello, Witty here.


      I can always see vendors at fairs, theme parks and other assemblies selling T-shirts, baseball caps, plush toys and more. I wanna know if there is a company dedicated in hunting down fairs and organize those vendors to sell there?


      Or they all just play by their own, for example, some just sell stuff at a fixed theme park, and they sorta rent the position from the park owners?


      If there is a compnay organizing all those operation, like some firms in New York that do run the hot dog vendoring business, then who are they? Do they have a website or other way of contact?





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          sanjai Newbie

          hi thanks for your information i am new to this forum

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            Farouk Ali Newbie


            I have been into Trade Fairs, and International Trade Shows since 1988 and is willing to guide you accordingly. If you can tell me what exactly you are selling, and where you are located (just the region), and stuff like your willingness to travel nationwide or not or stick to a fixed location and etc.... I can probably give you some information and guidance so you can decide which way you want to go!

            Hope I can be of help...

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              Hello Witty,


              I believe you are going to have a hard time finding a overall central company as I think it would change from place to place.  I know some of the fairs I have been to the organizers actually reach out to vendors to get them to come while others don't need to because of the sheer size of them.  Your best bet to find out is asking either the people in charge of the location it's self, or the vendors who are already working at the various places.  I think you are going to find with the vendors in New York City, some might go though companies but some might work for themselves with licenses from the city.


              Good luck!