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    LUCKIEST Guide

      Today there are more than 100,000 fonts in digital form.

      Which ones do you like?? Which font works best in your advertising??

      Are lower case letters better in your advertising. Studies show that lower case letters are easier to read.

      We are all masters of our own font destinies. Fonts are an expression of our individualities.

      Any comments or suggestions

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          Moderator Jim Ranger

          I can't really recommend specific fonts, but I do know that businesses need to be concerned with licensing fonts when it comes to publications for sale. You've got to be careful that you have the rights to the fonts before publication and more specifically, what you can use them for. A lot of fonts can be expensive (anyone can look up sites like blambot and comicraft to see price ranges), and have different rights for commercial publications so always look up what you can before it nips you later.