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    Semi Successful Company Needs Funding

    OEntInc Newbie

      My Name is Omar J. McCallp and I am the owner of a number of ventures all under the umbrella of O ENT ( For years I have developed my company in various areas of the Marketing, Branding, Entertainment Business Development in several "disciplines" Music, TV, Films, Animation etc. However, we just have always fallen short of that Big Deal, That Golden Glow if you will mostly due to being poorly funded. If you look at what we have accomplished with NO FUNDING its amazing to think what we could do with some funding.



      I have a group of artist and production team called TET (The Enormous Team) we basically control the Carolinas, music scene which is flourishing and our music production ranges from Rock to Hip Hop to Country.

      Carolina Music Awards

      To further tighten our grip on, control, and dominate the music scene in the Carolinas and to extend that nationally we developed the Carolina Music Awards which is an Awards show that will be executed, filmed and televised in the Carolinas and Nationally. Then we will franchise the CMA format and have the GA Music Awards, the NYC Music Awards, FL Music awards, well you get the idea. So not only is there a revenue stream from the event, sponsors, tv rights but franchising the awards to states across the country.

      TV, this is the first reality show I Executive Produced, it aired on several Fox affiliates and now we are looking to do some Syndication. I have 10 other TV/Reality Shows I have written. All better than Entrepreneurs in my opinion.


      I have not had the proper funding to produce any of my films yet but have 3 ready to go.


      We created a sub company called Hero Animation Studios. We have 4 offerings, Down South, College Life, Dee Jay & The Bully Busters, & lil Heros. Need Funding for Animation. Actually I am in line to speak with Comedy Central about 2 of the shows.

      iVision / IBC (Internet Broadcasting Company)

      iVision is like a Viacom, IBC is like NBC, CBS, ABC etc, eventually iVision will have various networks like Viacom like iMVTV, iVisions version of MTV. We are set to launch soon, but are sorely under funded, we are going to launch anyway sure we terribly need money but refuse to let that stop us!

      CEE Moblie

      I have to admit, nothing spectacular about CEE Mobile, it just allows us to tie in everything else we are doing and offer Ringtones and Text services and all that type of stuff.

      This is just a social networking site that focuses on people that are looking to make big deals. We hope some big wigs will join the network and help us with some of the funding we need!

      O Studios

      I understand that investors and venture entities prefer physical investments. Most of the areas we work in are not physical pieces and if things, god forbid, go wrong the opportunity to recoup/recover does not exist. I mean its hard, near impossible to recover on music, tv, film, and all those other high risk, high reward type investments. Hence, we have pinpointed land in NC (land and buildings are cheap here) to place our multi-use studio. This studio would house a Music Studio, Film/TV Studio, Photography Studio, Animation Equipment/Studio, Printing, & CD/Digital Music Duplication/Distribution all under on roof. Call it the Entertainment Super Wal-Mart! The "safety" is that 80-90% funding would go to O ENT to purchase/ownership of the land, building, & equipment, the only "fluff" would be marketing and staff so that if any thing "god forbid" went wrong the recourse would be to sell the land, building & equipment. This would allow O ENT to further develop its projects while maintaining a revenue steam of providing our services and expertise to others and of course creating a safety net for our investors via the physical collateral. We are looking at a budget of about 5m for the studio.


      What I need is venture financial support, if the group wants to place an accountant or what have you inside of my company to oversee the money, no problem! Honestly, I am a little frustrated of having all the parts to accomplish great things and constantly being under funded.

      Yours Truly

      Sorely Under Funded!