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      I'm starting a freelance bookkeeping business.  Accounting is my passion and starting my own business will give me the freedom and extra income to take care of my daughter and I.  I will also get to spend more time with her.  I need a little insight.  I'm very experienced in the bookkeeping/accounting area, having an accounting degree and over 8 years experience.  My question is, do I need to register my business although the legal name is my name?  I moved to texas 5 months ago, so I dont' know all of their rules and regulations.  Any ideas or suggestions are welcomed....Please!

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          Welcome, You need to talk to someone who know the rules and regs.

          Are you a Corp or a sole prop??

          You do have a Federal mI D Number, right.

          Talk to a local accountant, lawyer or maybe even your local banker.

          Talking to professional can help get you good advice and also build a business relationship with them.

          Good luck

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            I suggest you contact your local secretary of state and department of revenue as they often have websites to assist small businesses in getting setup properly.  Also check the small business section at as they also have some really good information for startups.

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                I'm curious to know what process you took to start doing your own buesiness taxes etc. Did you get any certificates in accounting or anything like that becuase I have read a ton of articles on different places where you can get certified in accounting which can lead to semi professional roles. I'm not sure if you're interested in learning more about it but I was looking at which is a very useful site that has information on different certificates you can get in accounting and what kind of career's you can get out of them. Obviously it would help to be a CPA but judging by how you do your own taxes with your business, it shouldn't be that big a problem. It also certainly helps when you have a business license and declare your income on your tax return. I've always been fasinated by  how much you can benefit from going into accounting as a profession. Just by lookign at you can tell that A. there is a ton of growth available, the pay can be very well and the work atmosphere seems to be fun.


                Anyways like others have said you want to talk to someone that knows all of the rules and reg, that way you can get a for sure answer and not face any other problems.


                Best of luck with the bookkeeping business!