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    Opening a hosting business is it difficult to build a datacenter?

    blog15crimehost Wayfarer
      My question is about how much will it cost to build a data center except the server costs.

      - Buying a 5,000 square feet building.

      Costs we believe, not sure: $120,000

      - 600 square feet of regular desktop server racks.

      Costs we believe, not sure: $5,000

      - Power generators and electricity costs for 1,000 servers.

      Costs we believe, not sure: $5,000 power generator + $2,000 monthly electricity

      - Dedicated internet access provider such as Level 3 or Verizon.

      Costs we believe, not sure: $5,000 monthly
      Costs Hardware and server´´s we believe, not sure: $115,000 starting

      We are serious about starting our own data center and we would like to know the average price range for the services above.

      We have came up that our costs would be as above, but we are not sure if they are actually accurate in this field of Hosting business