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    Suggest Names

    hnk Adventurer

      please suggest me suitable and attractive name,planning to start a staffing and hr consulting company.

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          Here are just a few ideas that come to mind

          • Human Resource Management (HRM)
          • People for Places
          • Staff Works
          • Staffing Providers
          • [insert your name here] Employment


          I don't know if any of those are already in use but I hope at least one might be good for you.  Good luck!



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            souffle Newbie

            ..,.I could be wrong but a company name is a tradename and one that you and whomever will be part of your executive team should come up with.  While it may seem like something you could share with others there are people who actually are paid to come up with tradenames.  Most importantly, you may want to copywrite the name and that is further reason not to ask this of others.  Here is a link to get you started in case that is what you intend to do.

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              Jfly Wayfarer

              Souffle is right, you should check your desired business name if it is already registered. You can do this by going to your local business registry or any government institutions that could help you. If you need help naming your business you could try crowdsourcing websites like, for sure you will get lots of cool and great name suggestions.

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                seoservicepro Ranger

                Just remember, choosing a business name and a domain name are two different things. Many assume that they only need their company name as a domain name.


                You want one domain name that matches your company name, so not only do you need to check to see that the name you want is not already trademarked, not copyrighted, you trademark company names, you also need to make sure that domain name is available in .com


                Secondly, you need to identify your top key phrase you want to rank for and get a domain name that begins with that key phrase. Example; The key phrase you want to rank for is "amazing widgets" because a lot of people search for that phrase. But and are taken. Then try


                You still get the benefit of the key phrase at the beginning of the domain, not


                You build your website on the keyword-rich domain name to help you with SEO. You forward your company name to that domain name. You use your brandable company domain name on your letterhead, biz cards, ads, etc. for branding purposes.


                People that find you in the search results are clicking a link so they don't care what the domain name is. They will remember the branded domain name or find it in your ads or on your biz card.


                So planning a name is more than just picking something catchy.

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                  Jason S. Orosco Newbie

                  Nice to meet everyone=)

                  Hi everyone! My name is Jason.  I am an online marketer who wants to share my knowledge with other people and to help them improve with their businesses as well.  I’m also interested in learning new things especially if I find them useful. I’m looking forward to meet new people around=) Thanks and have a great day!

                  I think you need to find a name that will greatly create an impact for the products or services that you'll offer.Anything that can surely attract people's attention.