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    How I can find investors?

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      I am having a hard time making a business plan. I have a company that is willing to help me but I got to pay them first in order for them to start. I want 2 start a production company. I only need $30,000 to start. I have talked to over hundred of people what I am doing and 85% of them says it is a good idea. I talked with people that is in the business and they all says it is good idea. I have a $45,000 job that is coming to an end by the end of Oct.  For the past six months I have watch films, search online how to run a production.  I am ready to go through the pain of producing a website!!! I have talked with banks and they said I must come up with $6,000 and a business plan. What can I do?

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          First of all, I personally would not advise paying anyone up front to help you find investors. Usually, what you get in return is a big fat nothing useful. If your idea and proposal is worthwhile, investors will be interested in funding without you having to pay for a consultant to find these alleged "investors". One of my biggest rules of thumb is to never pay in advance for anything that I could potentially seek out myself with the right guidance. There are plenty of places that could offer you insights on getting yourself prepared for meeting potential investors and offer other options that might be available to you as well. It sounds like you just need some good solid FREE advice to point you in the right direction.




          However, before you can even consider any sort of financing be it form investors or financial institutions, you need to have a solid business plan and presentation ready to propose. According to your post, you are having a hard time coming up with one, so that tells me you are nowhere near ready to even be considering investors at this point. In order to do this properly, you will need to put in a lot of research, due diligence and preparation.



          There are many things to consider with regards to your business venture such as feasibility of your idea/concepts location, facility, marketing, competition, taxes, insurance and most importantly, your business plan. Here are some FREE sample business plan templates for you to look over which might give you an idea of where to start. They have several templates for a variety of businesses types so perhaps you can find one tailored to whatever your business idea is. Also, has an article that can help answer many of your business plan questions. In their article Essential Elements of a Good Business Plan they discuss many of the elements that will help entrepreneurs get and stay on the right track. From the Business Plan Executive Summary, Market Analysis and your company description to Organization & Management, Marketing & Sales Management and Funding & Financials, they detail each area creating an easy to understand outline.


          Lastly, you might want to look into SCORE. They offer mentoring and free small business advice, templates and free business resources. Visit their site and locate a chapter near you.




          Hopefully, some of our other more business savvy members will pass through and help you out with more specific ideas and information. If you could provide more details about the type of business you are seeking to start and/or what type of help you are hoping to find in the community that would be most helpful too!!! Until then, searching the site for previously posted threads on the topics which interest you could also prove useful! Trying different keywords will yield different results. Until then, I hope this information proves helpful enough to get you started and I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. Nothing worth doing is easy but with perseverance and a little hard work, simple ideas can pay off in big ways! Be sure to keep us updated on your progress!