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    Five Tips To Improve Your Restaurant Business

    JackieGold Scout

      1. Be firm about delegating roles


      Even though you're the owner - you can't do everything. Hire people you trust to run the different departments and let them lead at their jobs.


      2. Hire servers whose strong point is their people skills


      May seem obvious, but you need to focus on your servers' PEOPLE skills first.


      3. Stay focused on your theme


      Don't try to incorporate more than 2 themes/ideas into your restaurant. Stay focused on the theme that sets you apart and don't go overboard.


      4. Be prepared to get more funding than you think you’ll need


      Restaurants are extremely expensive to operate and plenty of costs will come up that you never expected. Be prepared to get additional forms of funding, such as a restaurant cash advance.


      5. Develop and maintain an online presence


      Social media marketing is where it's at - especially for restaurants. Focus on sites like Yelp! and Menupages to make sure your site has a good repuation online.


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