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    Need your opinion on my site

    KARLAAMAYA Adventurer

      Hello friends,


      I have been editing my site for a couple of days now and wanted to have an imput of what I've done so far. Please visit my site and advise.


      All opinions are greatly appreciated.



      Thank you,



      Your Practical Admin

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          VegasParliament Newbie

          Not bad for a wordpress or blog site. Can use some work on imaging and content placement, looks a bit incomplete. Just a brief observation.

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            OneChick Newbie

            It's a really good idea, but I agree with VegasParliament.  Does have some placement issues.  Needs a little color too.  Keep working on it.  Do some research on some popular blog sites etc to gain ideas.  Great idea though!

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              It's nice a neat, which is always good.  You didn't feel the needs to had a bunch of "web 2.0" features which is rare to see but also refreshing.  I would do something about that white background as white is hard on the eyes especially in low lighting.  Also, on the about page, near the bottom you have a picture that is rather fuzzy.  I would suggest you get a higher quality version of that.  Other then that, good job!



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                Kacie Parker Adventurer

                The site is not bad but you need help with your images. It would help attract people to your site. I can assure you that this always works. I hire a company to take care of that for me, if you need a referral you can PM me.

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                  Drachsi Scout



                  I am also a member of the Virtual Assistant Forum. Here is what I noticed on a quick look of your site


                  Your Blog is empty.

                  You could add a favicon to each page which is very normal now.

                  I would change the link properties for the Virtual Assistant Forum to open in a new window, otherwise you have lost the visitor who may never hit the back button.

                  On your Services page under "Administrative" you have a spelling mistake, all ways good to check spelling for errors.

                  Items are underlined, but don't link anywhere. (People expect an underline to be a link) Suggest you use a color.

                  You don't have any sitemaps, suggest you read Website  Sitemaps


                  Hope this helps, have a great 2012



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                    myDealCompass Scout

                    Wordpress is definitely a powerful tool to get things up and running quickly. I would agree with the comments above and just wanted to add that it is missing much in the way of personal touch.  If I was looking for a personal assistant, I would want to get a sense of who the person is who would be doing this. Are you a sole proprietor or a 100 person shop? Who is the mastermind behind the whole thing and what sets you apart from other people?  On the "About" page you mention that the best references are you clients.  Could you provide some testimonials from them?  Something that provides trust and makes me willing to take the next step.


                    Maybe it is irrelevant but I think it would give me a sense of comfort if there was a physical location listed for the business. 


                    Best of luck!

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                      CorpCons08 Ranger

                      Hi Karla,


                      As many of the users on this community have said, your site is good, but could use some enhancements. The header is very plain, and you are lacking a logo. Branding is going to go a long way in maintaining clients for a long time to come. In several surveys, clients admitted that they shop more by a brand then by anything else. Placement and spacing is also something I would take some time reviewing. You have larger spaces in some areas, and shorter spaces in other, which gives the illusion that everything was just thrown together. Drachsi also brought up something that I was looking at too. I would change the link properties for the Virtual Assistant Forum. Currently, when you click on it, you are linked to the forum and are no longer on your original page. You could change the properties to have it open in a new window or a new tab, which enables the user to still be able to browse the rest of your page or bookmark it if they are interested in the service.


                      Great start and look forward to seeing more from you.