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    Increase your Business Profit through Social Media?

    blog15crimehost Wayfarer

      There are 3 basic strategies on growing your business through Social Media:


      1. Make you website 2.0 complaint


      You can easily achieve this by changing the theme and feel of your business website and also by adding a blog. After this is done, the next step is to begin a process of constantly updating your business website with fresh content, content that users can read, understand, easily relate to and then leave a feedback or comment.


      2. Create a Facebook Business Page


      This is usually called Facebook page and it is free of charge – another wonder of web 2.0. With this you can bring your clients together under one umbrella and believe it, you are allowed to have millions of people as your fan on facebook.


      3. Develop a Youtube channel


      Remember that back in the days, it was all about adverts usually on television. Well, the trend is still on but only just a lot more refined, you can go ahead and create all sorts of videos including adverts and simply upload them on your youtube channel, then place the link on your website.


      Like it or not, blogging, facebook and youtube are HOT right now and it’s good for you and your business to key in. Implementing these strategies will go a long way to helping you grow your business via social media.




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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome, YES I agree with you that there are at least 3 basic strategies on growing your business through Social Media:

          Thanks for point out the first three.

          It would be great if you went to "profile" and share some info about yourself and your business.


          As you ended your post, Regards and hope to hear more from you.

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            blog15crimehost Wayfarer

            With the widespread use of the internet, social media marketing is becoming increasingly popular among most people. If you’re a business owner and you’re not utilizing the benefits of a social networking website, you’re perhaps lagging behind. Social networking websites have become very popular among the people of the US and of the entire world and therefore, if you have a commercial profile in such a website, you can stay sure about reaching out to a big audience. People spend more time on website surfing than they do for anything else. Businesses are being able to target a large number of audiences through social networks and therefore you must make sure that you too start using it before it’s too late.

            • Creating a meaningful interaction: Through a social networking website, it is possible for you to create a meaningful interaction with your readers. If only you create w profile in any of the most famous social networking site, you can show people your best. They will not only get to know about your products and services, they will also join you in order to support your cause.
            • Contact people who may join you: The main aim of a business organization is to boost the traffic to its hosting website so that it may be able to bank on the people who will turn into the customers of that particular organization. You can get access to the personal information of the people who visit your commercial profile and get in touch with them so that you can speak to them about your product or service.
            • You can make your product look interesting: By designing a nice profile page for your organization and by adding your company’s logo as the display picture of your profile, you can make your web page look interesting. Add details about your product so that there are no loopholes in the page that may confuse the visitor. Design it in such a way that the reader gets to understand your product in detail.
            • Reach your target audience: Through a social networking website, you can easily reach your target audience. There are various communities that you can join if you want to personalize your commercial profile. This way you can get better financial results and enhance your profits. Only targeting the right audience is not enough as you also have to negotiate with them and make sure that you transform them to your customers.

            Thus, if you’re looking for ways to boost your income resources you can try the various avenues of social networking websites. Being a business owner, you may also leverage the networking websites to enhance the acceptability of your company. hosting



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              To expand on what transcribe said, definitely try to be a real person when interacting with the people who follow your Facebook page and twitter.  Responding the same way to each and every person is going to get annoying.  If I say "[Inset Company Name] is AWESOME!"  I don't want to see the same generic "thank you for liking us!" That was responded to the last 50 people who said that.  For the best customer experiance you need to treat everyone individually.



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                jaybally Adventurer

                I've seen these "expert" strategies touted all over the internet.  "Do this, and do that."  These ideas / strategies sound great on paper, but how many are a hit for small businesses?  The fact of the matter is; if you're a Fortune 500 consumer products driven company the "three basic strategies" work.  However, what about the niche retailer on Main Street?  There's plenty of data out there to suggest that those are the folks who find that there are barriers to deploying an effective social media strategy.  The fact of the matter is; for your strategy to work, there must be positive viral co-efficient.  That is to say, "for every one person who views this YouTube video, how many new customers will I bring in?"  If the answer is "0" then that is hardly effective.  Additionally, the most important question to be asked should be "what in this YouTube video would create a positive viral co-efficient?"


                Putting Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages up saying "this is my awesome product, please engage" is not going to work.  You have to know your market, and most importantly know yourself so as to create "out of the box" solutions unique to your own business.  Feel free to contact me if you need help with this.

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                  izzy Wayfarer

                  Good explanation. it depends on the type of business but for real estate You Tube is the best. You can show full video description of the entire house.

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                    bryansmith1129 Adventurer

                    Social Media is not about just creating another marketing tool. It's about creating an interactive environment where you can bring people to communicate one to one. And talking about small street business, we have the examples of food vans who tell their location and time of arrival via twitter. People would love to be connected to you if they know you are just not another marketeer talking only about your products everywhere.

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                      longlivemedia Tracker

                      Because Twitter has nofollow links, I would find another way to go about it. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook can be helpful to a business, but it’s usually more along the lines of customer assistance, and interaction between the business and customer.

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                        longlivemedia Tracker

                        Could someone possibly explain to me what it means to have a website that is 2.0 compliant? I’ve heard this term before, but still am unsure of its meaning and how to implement it.