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    Advertising and marketing help

    jolicon1965 Newbie

      I own a mexican restaurant people love's my restaurant my problem is my location and I am not good in advertising and marketing any body know's a company can help me

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          We can help you. What state is your Mexican restaurant located??

          Tell us why you have a problem with location.


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            SME_ally Adventurer

            hi jolicon1965,


            if everyone who dines at your restaurant loves your food, then you should promote a referral program. Hand out referral coupons for discounts on next visit, etc.  if location is a problem, you may want to consider online ordering and delivery services within X miles.  Another great way is to promote your restaurant on the internet.  Many people are now searching the web for the restaurants they want to eat at.  Get on sites like urbanspoon, hotfrog, yelp, twitter, facebook, etc. Maximize your online exposure as much as possible.  Sign up for a free Google places account.  do you have a website? if so, you may consider promoting it so that it will show up on the top of search results page when people search for mexican restaurants.  there are many more ways to attract more customers but these suggestions should get you started.  best of luck!

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              JackieGold Scout

              make sure your restaurant is active on pages like Yelp! and Menupages so people can find you online.

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                ComcstSpotlight Newbie

                Also - make sure you set up a Facebook page to have additional online presence. You mentioned that you aren't good at advertising, but many of the cable operators offer production capabilities so they can make a commercial for you, even if you have no experience or don't know where to begin. You didn't mention where your restaurant is located, but you might want to try some advertising on TV and have them make the add for you. You can start here:  Here's some more information about it:

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                  Hello Jolicon, for an actual advertising company I think your best best would be to check your local yellow pages.  Once you have a list of advertising companies, look up reviews online to narrow down the list. 


                  As to other ways to advertise on your own, the others all have fantastic ideas about Facebook, Twitter, and other forms of social media.  One I didn't notice any of them mention was foursquare.  That is a smartphone app that lets you check in similar to Facebook places but you can also list a deal so when someone checks in they get a free appetizer or a free soda with the purchase of one.  When people are nearby and looking into the list of local deals, it will show them where you are.  With over a third of all cells phones in the US being smartphones it might be worth a look.  The link for businesses is here.


                  Good luck!



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                    Marcus A. Roman Newbie

                    Hey jolicon1965,


                    you seem to have a bunch of information here on how to go out there and get the buzz circulating for your business. I just want to congratulate you on realizing how important it is for you to realize that you shouldn't be trying to figure all this stuff out on your own. Too often, LBOs (local business owners) believe they need to do everything themselves because they don't have much capital to work with, but in the end they realize it actually costs more that way.


                    Costs more in time (you can't ever get that back), money (you end up paying someone anyway), and resources (stuff you buy that you end up never using or hardly using at all). A point I hope you will consider is this: focus on marketing principles first, and media second. Meaning focus on what you want to get across first before you start creating a Facebook Fan Page or Foursquare account - too often LBOs believe this is marketing and it really isn't, it's just a form af advertising, and in many cases, not a very good one.


                    Marketing can be done without advertising, but a successful advertising campaign cannot be done without a marketing strategy. Before I start turning into a nerd, let me just stop and give you a marketing strategy to consider - "Get people to discover my business on the internet"

                    Tactics -

                    1) Promote a referral program and get on sites like urbanspoon, hotfrog, yelp, twitter, facebook like SME_ally advised.

                    2) Make sure your restaurant is active on pages like Yelp! and Menupages so people can find you online like JackieGold advised

                    3) make sure you set up a Facebook page to have additional online presence like ComcstSpotlight advised

                    4) Foursquare account like Moderator_PaulR advised


                    These are all ways to get to the goal, they are not "marketing" - so be aware that part and you should be fine. There are ways to market with these vehicles that can get you a ton of traffic, but just having someone set them up for you is not enough.


                    By the way, if you're going to start with tactics, do not try anything first before setting up a Google Places page. If you have a restaurant, more than likely Google already has a page set up for you. Google in the business' main phone number and you should see the listing. If not, type i the name of the business and address. Here you can actually get data on how many people are visinting your page and you get chances to set up coupons and "Quick Response Codes" you can hang up in front of your business. Anyone with a smartphone can put their phone up to one of these QR codes, and you can send them to special offers or other discounts as well - it's good stuff.


                    Hope that helped - Marcus

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                      koln123 Tracker

                      If you have been in business a long time you should use referalls

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                        koln123 Tracker

                        Use your the best resource you have, your customers and yourself.    Go by tables whenever you have a chance.   Those tables that tell you they love the food, tell them thank you, you have been getting a better response, and you want to build up in spite of the location.    


                        Ask if they live close and ask them to refer friends and neighbors.    Ask for referrals!    You can pass out coupons as mentioned by the other poster, but a lot of businesses, or almost all businesses send out coupons, but haven't most people noticed that they rarely if ever get a visit by someone they learn is the owner.


                        A visit by an owner should not and need not be intrusive.   Just a quick, light hello, thank you can go a long way. 


                        There is a local pizza place in the area where the owner makes it a point to go around and speak to the customers.    It leaves a very favorable impression.      Even on days which, as a customer, you may not want to eat there, even if you choose not to go that day, you will have a more favorable opinion, overall and will probably come back sooner.  

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                          beautyprinter Wayfarer

                          Websites like , , each have a program that help promote your business. go to these sites and look for where it says business partners. They will create a coupon for your restaurant that will bring you new business. it doesn't cost up front, they take a large percentage of the sales and send you the rest. It is worth it for promotion sake, as long as you select your promotion carefully so it doesn't cost you much. A price that is on the lower range might get customers to spend extra when they visit. I am running a promo spa special with yelp and giltcity the same way.

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                            Sophia_Myles Tracker

                            Agree with SEM_ally, if location is the thing, fix it by dilivering your food out or a sepcial discount for dining in your place.

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                              CallboxInc Adventurer

                              Be active in social networks. These days social media is one of the most effective tactic. You can look up SEO providers online. They can help you with that.