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    Preparing for Hurricane Irene?

    JackieGold Scout

      Anyone else on the East Coast not sure what precautions to take for this Sunday's hurricane? I'm originally from California so this is a little new to me.


      My company put up this entry - How to Prepare Your Business and Home for Hurricane Irene - but any additional pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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          Moderator Jim Ranger

          I'm on the far outskirts of where it's going to hit. We're just doing the normal stuff like cleaning the yard up in case of high winds, stocking up on bottled water and making sure that all the flashlights and lanterns are charged.


          If we have a major power outage, LAST TIME we had something major happen the local power company gave out free water and ice at a grocery store down the road but I wouldn't count on it this time. There's enough time in advance to prepare.



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            Hello Jackie,


            I used to live in Maine, so I've been through a (snow) storm or two.  Hurricane Irene is down to a level one so I don't know for how many people it will be more then just heavy rain and wind.  Still, this is good advice to know for any future storm. 


            Advice for businesses:

            1.  In your blog you mentioned backing up information, while it's good to have primary hard drive backups, it's good to have secondary online backups.  A hard drive can be ruined if your business floods so it's good to have a second backup on remote servers far from your location.


            2. You mentioned getting electronics away from windows, I would go a step further if there is a risk of flooding and say put all electronics, cords, and other object that disagree with water on top of desks.  Water likes to be level so if enough can get it, it will spread across the whole floor.


            3. Make sure all batteries in things like smoke detectors are fresh.  Fires can happen during rainstorms.... somehow.


            Advice for people:

            1. Have a generator if you can.  I remember the Ice storm of 1998.  We were the only house for miles around with a generator and also the only house able to run the well pump and have water.  It doesn't have to be a big one, just enough to be able to run the water pump, furnace, and a power outlet (not all at the same time).  Don't wait until you need it to get it, get one before any major storms when stores still have some available.  It may cost some, but it will be worth it after just one time that it's needed.


            2.  Battery flashlights are wonderful and usually very bright, but have a hand crank backup.  This way, even if you and the store runs out of batteries, you will still have a working flashlight... and a tired arm.


            3. Don't forget some backup food for the pets too.  I don't think Fido should be eating spam.... I'm not sure we should be either but it's made for us I think.


            4.  Try a solar power charging dock.  When the storm is over, if it was a bad one, power may be out for days after the sun is out.  It's a nice way to charge the phone and it's "green" too.



            These are just a few off the top of my head, you can find plenty more just by searching Google.  Most importantly stay safe and if it looks like it's going to be really bad, evacuate, humans are more important then houses.  Stay safe.