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    Top Secret Tips on Successful F-commerce

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      Hundreds of social networking websites offer ease for us to catch up with our friends, make new friends, share our stories or life tips, and notice long lost relatives. But Facebook allows us to get more. F commerce has become the most frequently heard word in the business world. With more than 750 million users all over the world, Facebook has evolved to be another most effective channel to sell products or services with unparalleled marketing power. But registering a facebook account, updating information regularly and creating a page are just basics to step into F-commerce world. For a successful marketing on Facebook, you need to know some secret tips and tricks.

      1. 1. Create a great, complete profile with relation to your products or services. A full featured profile is the key to attract people to view it. If you have a lot of viewers, you could have many folks who are interested in your merchandise or services. An attractive Facebook profile should include your avatar, contact data, website address, education, work expertise, hobbies, favorite movies and games.
      2. 2. Join groups or create your own groups. Facebook has many different kinds of groups. It's a cake for you to find the team which has the similar interests as you. Participating in or establishing your own cluster in Facebook allows you to get as many contacts as possible to facilitate your business growth.
      3. 3. Don't simply copycat your web store on Facebook. There are so many good store apps on Facebook like Quickerbuy Store, so choose the one which best suits your business. Reward your fans and likers and offer exclusive deals and promotion on your store. Give your Facebook folks a compelling reason to share your products with their friends.
      4. 4. Use sharp and clear images. Pictures often deliver more vivid information as text. Spend some time to get a good shot.
      5. 5. Make your post irresistible. Find the things that are so compelling that your fans are attracted to comment and spread your post. Usually, questions, polls, and ask-for-help posts could get folks' attention more easily.
      6. 6. Tell your fans about your business update. Don't be shy to do self promotion. Sometimes, your fans might not be aware of your product or service update. It's necessary to tell fans that you have a great deal or promotion for them. Don't worry that you would lose the social aspect of what you are doing.
      7. 7. Encourage your Facebook fans to share your store with their friends and new visitors to like your store. "Like" and "share" features of Quickerbuy Store give ease to achieve this. According to our investigation among test users, you could get 10 times efficiency to get the result you want.
      8. 8. Provide price comparison if possible. What kind of price display would make you feel moved? Is $45 or $65 to $45? I bet the last one. If you want to tell your fans you offer them a great product at a great discount, why not show via your product display?
      9. 9. Add as many friends as possible. The more friends you have, the higher chance you could get more exposure on your products.
      10. 10. Don't neglect the importance of customer service. Your Facebook fans might also have questions they want to know. Giving them an accessible contact to get in touch with you is very helpful to get more transactions done easily.