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    Virtual Sales Dealmaker

    Negoish Newbie
      Is it possible to run real-time sales production from your home
      based business with f500 companies without face to face
      interaction to close "new" business with clients?

      Virtual Sales Dealmaker:

      You are ready to take the next step in our Virtual Sales Community
      with our custom On-Demand Applications CyberTility between Sales
      Partners, Sales Alliances and Sales Affiliates to increase your sales
      revenue by 50% while at the same time reduce your sales overhead by
      50% for your "new/existing" business. Take your "Free" Evaluator to
      qualify as a top sales producer worldwide. has realized it's technological goals over many years of
      R&D to develop and implement turnkey business solutions on the web
      for your company, yourself, and your family. We are ready to increase
      your sales revenue by 50% while at the same reduce your sales overhead
      50% in the P&L, budget, or small business space. The matrix is limitless
      for each client to maximize their resources, technology, marketing and
      sales for huge market share.

      Negoish:WEB gives you a virtual interface directly through an internet,
      intranet and extranet VPN virtual private network between sales
      partners, sales alliances, and sales affiliates to support your needs.

      Negoish:DIRECT provides customized hardware, software and services
      to integrate the hottest client/server configurations possible with the
      greatest ROI return on investment. Each user has his/her own private
      sales control panel to navigate their own independent business group.

      Negoish:UNIT v1.0 has been designed with unlimited webcentric scalability
      to be viewed as a vision of technological forward thinking. This outstanding
      "new" business model with twelve great men as the senior management
      team have created opportunities for very large f100 companies who are
      interested in launching "new" virtual sales projects, sales entrepreneurs
      who are thinking about "new" f500 virtual companies, sales management
      who are dreaming of "new" f1000 virtual clients and sales professionals
      who are hoping to get finished with sales their quota and get home to their
      virtual home business on the beach, boat, or RV.

      Negoish:UNIT v1.0 provides on-line services with your user i.d. and password
      all the necessary template databases, documents, plans and lead generation
      software to facilitate any size deal for your clients. You have a team of
      tremendous leadership to back you from start to finish to generate "new"
      business for huge profits. You have realtime virtual capabilities to make full
      scale interactive voice, data, video and text presentations in a consultative
      mode for huge long term contract deals.

      We perform at the highest level of genius knowledge and pedigree's from
      the government lawman, military intelman, legal judge, scientific
      technologist, financial banker, information technology motivator
      and dealmaker negoish.

      This webcentric turnkey business solution for sales partners, sales alliances
      and sales affiliates is extremely user friendly for virtual sales closers.
      You have a multi-interactive, multi-integrated, multi-tasking and multi-user
      platform with a host of unique, simple and fun sales tools to generate your
      team QP quota.

      Each virtual dealmaker can use his/her capabilities in the sales process from
      start to finish with your customized sales control panel to market and sell
      "best of breed" technologies based on your own specialization plus our
      complete portfolio of intellectual property assets for sparkling growth.

      We use "state of the art" hardware, software and services that can be
      customized to your exact technical specifications. Integrate all your existing
      digital appliances to maximize your RRS Re-Ducing Re-Capitalization System
      combined with your IPP Independent Profit Plan for your wealth and prosperity.

      This could be exactly what you are looking for a "new" virtual business venture
      or a "new" virtual business project where all your marketing and sales related
      experience can be exploited and applied. You can focus on sales development
      and sales production opportunities to provide yourself shared equities, shared
      profits and shared benefits for your next success.

      We can assist you right now to determine if your ready to step forward into
      the world's first virtual sales community with our "free" evaluator and "free"
      tour integrated with your "free" consultation to help you make the big move
      into a virtual profit center.

      Our Virtual Sales Community can protect you, can stimulate you, and can
      provide you with an opportunity for virtual transition for your most important
      sales related skills needed in the future.

      What if it's all green being in a virtual sales community?