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    Equine Facility

    mlsorel7 Newbie

      I am interested and in the market for property in southern NH to start an equine business on.  I would be offering boarding, lessons, after school clubs, and camps as well as other events/activities.  I have a business plan drafted and am working on getting pre qualified for a mortgage loan.  However, I do not have a lot of money saved up for a down payment/building stalls, etc.  Anybody have any advice on ways to get funding for starting a business with little savings?  I also am aware that equine businesses are considered risky and are not necessarily considered agricultural (USDA/FSA loans/grants may not apply).

      I'd love any suggestions!


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          Tho my knowledge of the resources available in NH is limited, I am able to suggest the following places for you to begin researching your questions. Hopefully, some other community members will come forward with some more specific advice and info for you but for now, the following links might be of some help to get you started:





          Small Business Resource Web Portal

          New Hampshire Business Resources Center

          2.) Small Business Grant Programs

          Business Assistance Programs

          3.) Other Sources of Small Business Financing

          Business Incentive Programs

          4.) Tax Information for Small Business

          New Hampshire Department of Revenue


          5.) How To Start A Horse Training Business (A very basic e-how article - Take it at face value)


          I also know of one realtor (though I am sure there are many more in the state) who handles equine properties and that is Weatherbee Farm Real Estate. I have never done business with them and do not know anything about them specifically but they seem to be a large presence and well known. They might be willing and able to offer you some advice on properties within your budget that already have barns, stables, outbuildings and equipment necessary to get you started and can possibly help you determine if buying existing properties would be less expensive than buying property you need to build on. Equine properties aren't cheap, that's for sure and it is, as I'm sure you know, not an inexpensive business to pursue.




          On a side note, during a recent vacation to Florida, I passed a 200 acre equine farm that was for sale and was in awe of the place. It is something I would definitely love to own just for the beauty alone, however, I have absolutely no knowledge or skills whatsoever in the equine trade but I can see the allure of it, especially to those trained to work with horses. I wish you much luck with your equine endeavours!





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            phanio Pioneer

            While an equine business may be preceived as risky and not fall within some of the USDA grant/loan programs.  You might think about approaching them from rural business point of view. There are several grant/low interest loan programs from several different government departments that focus solely on rural businesses.  Start by looking at the SBA's website under business financing.


            There are many sources of capital for start up businesses.  But, they depend on how much you are seeking and what specifically the funds will be used for.  It is very unlikely that you can get an all-in-one loan for all your needs.  But, you might be able to break them down into categories and seek funding for each (e.g. commercial real estate loans, equipment loans, working capital loans, etc.).


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