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    want to invest in stocks. never have before

    dkrd111 Newbie

      I am looking to invest in stocks. i never have before and would like someone who is knowledgable in this area. I dont want to go in blind. I want to learn it before i jump. Does anyone know of any good books and magazines that i can read to learn it and magazines to help me follow companies. i would appreciate any help. Also want to know of a reliable online trading site to use so when im ready i know ill be safe, thank you

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          BizOptimizer Adventurer

          You might want to be careful asking unlicenced people for advice on stock investment - there are many investment stragegies not grounded in reality.  If you don't know reality, you can't distinguish.  If you are not knowledgable on finance and such, but have money to invest - might want to look into mutual funds where they invest your money into a stock pool designed to provide certain results.  It isn't risk free, but far less risky than jumping in with bad advice.  Good luck.

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            Hello dkrd111,


            I would suggest using a standard, well known stock trading company.  If you just Google "stock trading company", you will get a list of them, the majority being well known and trusted.  Often these companies will have online advice on what you might want to invest in or have local people you can talk to.  I would say one of these would be your best bet since they will definitely have the experience required to help you make a good decision on your investment.


            Good Luck!