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    Do people REALLY want to work?

    ARCHIMEDES EnRich Adventurer

      If they do what do you think they are looking for?

      Charles Faber,  for ArchimedesEnRich

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          NO people do not really want to work.

          People want to collect a pay check or collect unemployment.

          People have mortgages on their houses they can not sell.

          People cannot move to a new location for a job

          Debt is central to fragility.

          Everybody is cutting spending and running out of things to cut.

          It could be years before we feel that we have pared enough debt to start spending readily.

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            I'm not sure everyone "wants" to work, however, most of us "need" to work in order to survive. The fundamental necessity for survival is money. One cannot rent an apartment, buy a car, pay for electricity or internet, power their fancy gadgets or purchase food without it. Granted, many things people find "necessary" really aren't truly necessary to survive but in this era, most cannot survive without their technology.



            It is hopeful that a person will, in the very least, seek a career that they enjoy while earning the necessary finances to meet all of their "needs". I think that would probably be what people seek ...  a job they enjoy doing if they "have" to work.



            Interesting question!




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