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    Quickbooks Cuts You Off To Get You To Update

    NoBusiness Newbie

      I wouldn't recommend Quckbooks to my worst enemy.  I was doing my monthly banking download and it said Quickbooks can not verify data.  That sent out an alarm to me and the company owner that there was a virus.  Well, we had the 2008 version that was working just fine.  When I called Quickbooks, they said I can no longer use online banking with 2008 version.  In other words, they disable my product to try and force and upgrade.  I will never buy Quickbooks, again or recommend it. By the way, there upgrade cost more than the original Peach Tree. 

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Good to know, Thanks

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            amspcs Ranger

            Yup, welcome to the world of "hostage marketing".  I'm with you, I don't like the way Intuit does biz either.

            When I decide to partonize someone, I like their product or service to work as advertised until I decide to upgrade, not when THEY decide. 

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              NoBusiness Newbie

              The saga continues.......we decided to upgrade since they offered a reduce price.  However, it turns out that the virus they sent to our 2008 version carried over to the 2011.  We still can't download our online banking files.  So we sent the file to Quickbooks for them to fix and it is a week wait.  After  spending four hours on the phone and finally emailing the file,  I started getting all these emails related to problems other people around the country are having with quickbooks.  They had 30 to 50 people copied in all emails....discussing problems of various users.  Then, everyone figured out that Quickbooks was copying everyone on all the emails.  Then, the storm started...........several of the users are considering a class action least that is what they said in an attempt to get Quickbooks to fix the problems.  Some of the other users are claiming that the Quickbooks server is contanimated with a virus.  I find it hard to believe that these things are going out unintentionally.


              Finally, our $185 upgrade......that has now cost us several thousand in computer and accountant time.....has very few new features (that is new features that you do not have to pay for)........the new program is the same, but with them trying to sell you enough new accounting services that you could hire a new accountant for less.