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    Start Up Cost

    TRU_ESSENCE Newbie

      It's been very hard for me to maintain my business with no start up cost. I am a party planner Event consultant and cant seem to get any business. I have 3 websites an am a member of numerous networking sites and trying to keep them all paid is putting a dent in my out of pocket expeses. Apparently my credit is not good enough for a loan so I don't know where to go or what else to do besides advertise and network as I've been doing...any pointers???

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          smallbus01 Adventurer

          Well you came to the right place there are a lot of helpful people in here that can give you some advice. I am no expert, but I think you should just pick what you think is the best marketing strategy that you have and improve it. Quality of your marketing is always better than just randomly spamming websites or ill-advised strategies that pays little results. Cut your loses and Improve on what you have.


          Best of luck.

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            Rainbowrite Adventurer

            I assume you're a freelancer? In that case, do you have a website showcasing your services? I'm not terribly familiar with your industry, but I'll assume it's like most other freelance careers. I'm a freelance writer myself, and I followed some of the tips at this website: as well the following for marketing.


            • I wrote a few articles about my industry and posted them to eZineArticles for the exposure.
            • I started a blog focusing on my niche.
            • I started a website displaying my portfolio, who I am, my services and a way for propective clients to contact me.


            I too started off with very little capital. However, the website deal is cheap. Domain names cost 11.00 a year, and if you can't afford to pay for hosting a year in advance, Hostgator offers month-to-month plans starting at around 7.00/mo.


            You can use Wordpress and buy a premium theme at Themeforest to get a nice looking design for around 40.00. There are also designers that can do them for you for a modest fee.


            Writing the articles only cost time. The blog can be an offshoot of your main website.


            From here, subscribe to blogs or websites in your niche and join forums with others who are likeminded or possible clients. Your business sounds like it could benefit locally, so think about getting some business cards made (Vistaprint can do them for free) for distribution and consider cold calling companies who could use your expertise. You can also advertise on Craigslist for free, but I haven't gone that route yet.


            All you need to do is get your name out there. Then, when someone does get your name, show them what you can do, preferably through a website.