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    By MFH Child Care.....In this community, can you think of ideal words that can encourage families to seek your business? What would they be?

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      Antelope Valley in Palmdale.

      Welcome to Online Community!

      One year ago we posted a question regarding child care.  On what do parents want in child care?

      Well, parents want affordability at a quality level.  At MFH, we have noticed that families are loosing their jobs and homes.

      Child Care providers have been loosing their homes also and so this economy is affecting everyone.  We are glad to say that with good and simple advertizing small buisness's can thrive.

      People are looking to simplying their way of living. And so are business's. 

      Our buisness is to help families stuggling with job seeking or going back to school by providing affordable simple child care. MFH Child Care is a small business in Palmdale California and we believe that the economy will get better.  And when it does, we will still be here providing quality affordable care.

      Advertizing companies are also noticing changes in the community.  Thats why they are lowering their rates on advertizing.  Making it more affordable for small business's to continue providing services to our community.


      So, in conclusion, the ideal and big words that families are looking for is AFFORDABLE,  QUALITY,  SIMPLE,  FLEXIBLE,  LOVING, RELIABLE CHILD CARE.

      If in this community you can think of other ideal words to encourage families to seek your business, what would they be?

      Have a wonderful day!