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    Spying and not buying

    skencar Newbie
      remember if you see repetitive hits on your site on an casing the same thing and no-one buying , be thoughtful of spying and not buying!
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          skencar Newbie
          Sorry folks for the small type-0, as we all know, long hours and fatigue.
          So to update
          I had a friend who worked for a major medical center and so I would listen to him, sometimes talk about the excessive amounts of hits sometimes up to 40,000 a day from what we call hackers, trying to penetrate the system, so just some words to the wise, its the net , so if you don't have good security, think about doing so.
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Spying and not buying, O K, Thanks for the info, where are you going with this??
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                  skencar Newbie

                  Where I am going with this? is just to make people aware of their online traffic, its very important to know who and where from your visitors are,, if you can't manage it yourself , there are companies that can do it for you, and its not that expensive.
                  This is huge as far as security goes and believe me, we are big on security issues.
                  This also can help break-down who is really there for the right reasons.
                  Demographics and geographic's , knowing your client base.
                  I hear people complain all the time about getting traffic , but few results.

                  It never hurts to give out a little free advice, Thats all!
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                NatOnline Tracker
                Spying and not buying are very common for e-commerce, but the danger come from scrapers, who grab you entire site, duplicate it, and rank better than your site with your own pages, articles, etc...That's pretty sad, and can harm your company.