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    Need advice...

    Shelby Newbie


      I would like to start up a business and have no clue on what I need to do. What is the first step?

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          Hi Shelby, Welcome to the community.


          I'm confident our members will help you out .Your profile says you are wanting a restaurant. What kind?

          Good Luck in your endeavor!



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            phanio Pioneer

            That is a very broad question (and might not be in the right place on this forum).  What type of business are you looking to start?  In what industry?  Do you have expeience? Who are your customers?  Will the business be local, regional, national or international?


            You might want to start with a basic business plan.  You can find sample plans on the web - reveiw them to see what is involved.


            You could also speak to a member of this forum - he goes by "thesologuide" - his name is Doug. 


            But, all businesses should be started with your targeted customer in mind - if you are not providing something that others what to buy or need - then you have no business.


            Reply back with more specific information and this forum should be able to help point you in the right direction.