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    How Do I Get Start Up Funding?

    Linda Richards Newbie

      I figure I will need about $10,000 to purchase the equipment necessary to get my business to the next level which will really make it a business. However, I have exhausted everything I have and as a single mom, there just doesn't seem to be anywhere else to go. The money is for a machine so is for actual capital, but since I have nothing left to invest I'm afraid I may be a lost cause. Also, will the fact that I'm 63 years old be another reason I won't be able to get funding? (I'm a young 63 - with a 14 year old daughter!)

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Linda. You have a most interesting profile.

          Where is Daffadilleas located?


          As a retired Director of Operations from a major non-profit, and also worked for several for-profit organizations earlier in your career

          you should have many contacts who can open doors and help you purchase the necessary equipment.

          How long do you need the funds for?? and how will you repay them.


          Having your own business can be fun. You have the creativity and the freedom. 


          Do you have a business plan  to expand to adult and gift items??


          Good luck