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    Starting a LLC/C-Corp on H1B visa

    pratmicro_20 Newbie

      I am on H1B visa. I want to start an LLC/C-Corp in the state of Georgia. Problem is that I am not an US Citizen and on H1B Visa (which limits me to "work" for only the company that sponsors my visa). I am considering an option where I would register the C-Corp (get an EIN using my SSN). But then I would only be passive investor/owner(shareholder). I would appoint another Manager/officer(US citizen) to run the day to day transactions. Would I be in violations of my H1B rules? Will I face a problem later on for GC Processing? I will have my SSN tied to the EIN, also  I will not include the profits from C-Corp on my tax return(profits will remain within the business). Will USCIS or DHS look negatively at this and deny GC later on? Is having "ownership" in my C-Corp construed as being involved with "managing" my C-Corp?