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    I need help with my website Please!

    james Km Newbie


      I started my new business which is importing handbags from China (since I have been doing this for many years) . I have a website. I do get many hits and visits but I don't see any purchases or seeing any one adding items to shopping cart. I was hoping some one with good sense of fashion can point me to what I am doing wrong. is it the items? or flow of the pages or .....


      any advice would be helpful.

      I appreciate your comment in advance.



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          David Newbie

          I looked at your website. This is what I noticed... The very first page where the girl is sitting on her side and there's a silver purse in front of her.. Well it's all the same color meaning, I can't tell where her dress start and where the purse ends. My suggestion is to use a bright colored purse.


          With your inventory I noticed that you have all your product well organized but alphabetically with part numbers, that's great if you want to keep track of your inventory. My suggestion is to have the least expensive show first and gradually add the higher priced ones..


          Just when you walk into a store or you go online shopping. The first thing you'll see is bright colors then the least expensive products.. Now, there's also another suggestion I just thought of....and what also may help you... Is to do research of what the leading retail/online stores sell the same/similiar purses. Once you find this out, you can add that price next to your "GREAT DEAL" price and they may want to buy from you because they'll think they are getting a better price.


          Those are my suggestions. Oh by the way, I had to create an account here just to reply to this post...but it's all good.


          Good luck

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            David Newbie

            Thank you. If you wish more of my point of views feel free to message me or if you prefer, I can give you the business e-mail address... your choice

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              directconect Adventurer

              Dave just because you get hits does not mean your going to sell products, To sell anything on the internet you have to be able to put your product out there better than anyone else , be able to get your website on the top page of google without paying for advertising And MOST of all put your items out there at a lower price than 17 million other people..

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                  directconect Adventurer

                  The first thing you need to find out is, 1. when you customer see's your advertisement and clicks to visit your website.

                  They land on your landing page, Home page ! Facts once that customer lands, They will make up their mind to stay on your website, Between 10 seconds to 20 seconds, Maybe 30 seconds.. If your website does not grab their attention, They will leave.. The method I use to find out, If I have a great landing page or not is: example: I have a surveillance products store, I put 3 or 4 of my cameras the at $1, $3 $7 , free etc etc..

                  If my customers who land there don't order one of these great great deals, I know my landing page sucks ! so I keep working on my landing page until I get it right, Once I have a landing page that keeps my customer there and I still don't sell products, Then and only then do I think like a customer and fix the next problem.

                  You can spend a life time trying to figure where you went wrong. OR you can take it step by step and take care of it. Everyone knows your landing page has to make them stay and this is your starting point.

                  He said, she said will only confuse  you more..


                  Good luck buddy, take my advise and you will secede..

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                  Rainbowrite Adventurer

                  As someone who likes to buy handbags, I found it difficult to find the bags themselves. I eventually found it under "Products", but it wasn't easy. Something you want to keep in mind is web usability. Make it super easy for your buyer to find the bags and provide multiple navigation areas.


                  Sorting the bags further by brand and color along with type will help a lot. Additionally, you want some compelling copy on the homepage, since it's the face of your business. The image of the girl and the announcement of a sale for leather handbags is great, but there needs to be more.


                  Who are you?


                  Why should I buy from you?


                  What if I don't need a leather handbag, but a cute hobo bag instead?


                  What makes Value Handbag a better place to buy as opposed to, say What is your Unique Selling Proposition? Your USP should be plastered on your site prominently to remind users that yes, you're at the right place and you'll get the quality handbag you deserve at an excellent price.  Your "About Us" page details your advantage, but it's not only hard to find, it could also be beefed up a bit.


                  For example, you mention a significant discount for bigger orders. What is this discount? How much do I have to buy to get it?


                  How do you prove the 100% Satisfaction? Is there a money back guarantee? That should be posted on the site as well.


                  You claim the prices are less expensive, but you know what would be even better? Showing just how much lower your prices are compared to one of your competitors.


                  How fast is your shipping exactly? I'll assume you ship worldwide, but you should also state this. Saying buyers will get their bags in 7-10 days Standard and offering an Express option helps your customers trust you. Being transparent and honest always works.


                  For each product page, describe the bag in more than just measurements and material. What makes this bag awesome? Is it just as good as a Coach bag? Should I bother spending 30.00 on your bags? If so, why? These customers are ready to buy, but aren't quite convinced.


                  Direct and persuasive copy that tells your customers everything they need to know, as well as making the site easier to navigate will do wonders in increasing conversions.


                  A re-design could also help. You can keep your current color scheme but embellish on it. Make the logo bigger. Add banners and promote the heck out of the leather handbag sale.


                  If the ecommerce platform you're using now is clunky or doesn't give you many options, researching another solution may be a good time investment as well. 

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                    SME_ally Adventurer

                    your site is nice. if you're getting lots of visits and not getting any conversions, then it may be a problem(s) with various things on your site from the layout to copywrite to actual products themselves. To understand why visitors are not converting you should use Google analytics to track your traffic. I did not see that you have GA installed.  Try to analyze whatever traffic tracking script you are using. See what pages your visitors are viewing and how long they are staying.   Set up goals so you can see at which point in the buying process your customers are vacating the cart. Simultaneously conduct A/B testing of your sales messages to see which works best. 


                    lastly, fashion, including handbags, is trendy. you have to constantly update your site with the latest styles. no woman would want last season's handbag even if it is 50% off or unless it's a popular, limited edition LV.


                    Btw, try not to use tables to build your site, instead use div tags for better crawling by the search engines.  Good luck!

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                      vinod1978 Adventurer



                      You've done a lot right but I think you have to make some tweaks. Hopefully, you understand that I'm only trying to provide you with information that can help you generate sales, and do not take the criticism personally.


                      The real issue that I see here is usability.

                      Because you are selling products, your homepage should showcase your feature products - whether that is discount related items, or the latest seasonal items is up to you, but the home page should really be pushing customers to purchase a product. Unless someone clicks on "Product" they'll never even know how to start shopping. Take a look at one of your competitors:


                      As you can see they promote their products on their home page, BUT they also categorize everything on the left. That means customers can dive right into the type of product that they are interested in purchasing right away with no thinking involved.


                      Also, once a customer does find out where they need to go to in order to start purchasing your product, it isn't very user friendly. Each bag has an item number that no customer will understand. You should have a small blurb about the purse, as well as a "more detail", and a "buy now" button. If the customer wants to buy a purse, it's up to them to know that they have to click on the image. Once you get to the product detail page, then your customers have the information that they need. Unfortunately, the zoom widget blocks the information - so the customer can't look at it close up while reading the details. Here you are also missing a small blurb about the purse. It doesn't have to be a paragraph long just a few words like "Village Sheila Crossbody" or whatever the name of the purse.


                      Also, once a actually add a product to the cart, there is very little notice that I have done so. The user should either be taken directly to the shopping cart, or they should see an overlay window indicating that they can go to the cart, or continue shopping. I had to look for a minute to understand what had happened after I added the purse to the cart.


                      Besides this I think your site needs to have a few verbiage tweaks. As a customer if I saw poor grammar such as "Our top goals are: very Competitive price:" when it should be "Our top goal is to: Have competitive pricing" or "Fast ship" instead of "Fast shipping" especially when there is no phone number to call I would be cautious. Customers are very weary of buying products on the internet because there are so many horror stories of going to great lengths to commit credit card fraud, identity theft, etc..


                      These are just some of the things that stuck out. G'luck.


                      Vinod Tonangi



                      Web design, Video production, and Advertising services

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                        Graham Brown Wayfarer



                        You're off to a great start and the above comments should get you even further. I'll keep my advice short with a quick tip I've learned while working with SEO:


                        Take the time to write interesting, relevant descriptions for each product. Not only does this engage the potential customer to be more interested in what you're selling, but also scores well with search engines and lets them know you've got something different than similar sites. Keeping your product specs (i.e. zipper top closure, shoulder strap included) is probably still a good idea, but add a more personal, captivating message below. Think about something like "This elegant pink leather handbag makes the perfect transition from a classy dinner setting to a chic night out. With seven interior pockets, you will be as well-equipped as you are stylish. This affordable piece is a must-have for the fashion-savvy--and price-concious--handbag lover."


                        On a similar note, make sure you product name reflect the actual item, not just its product code or number.  I hope this helps and thanks again to everyone who has responded earlier!


                        Graham Brown

                        Indianapolis Trophies and Awards

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                          jack Wayfarer

                          Thanks for that,


                          I also confuse about that,

                          But i think that is easy i am sure it will be use in other project.

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                            Albin Wayfarer

                            I think you should do the following.


                            1) Give a better structure to your website. Make a customer believe that you are in a serious business. Show enough proof that you have the quality bags.

                            2) Bring more needy customers. I would recommend you to use a PPC for this.

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                              Craig Parker Tracker

                              I was running a kitchen cabinet site for a while that worked pretty well.  Our products were expensive, so I'm sure the ration of tire kickers to purchasers was bigger than what you'd have.  I wonder if some sort of funnel might do well on your site. 


                              We had big orange "Get Started" buttons on every page that would start someone down the path.  You could do something similar.  First, on my site people picked a wood (you could do material) then the next page they wanted a style (door style -- you'd do tote vs hobo vs shoulder bag I guess) and were only shown the ones made out of the material they'd chosen.  That might be the end of your funnel, unless you can go one further and do color.  I think three steps is where people start losing focus.  Mine had four, and asked for a floor plan at the end.


                              I also made it possible for someone to click on a door picture anywhere on the site and be thrown into the funnel, and would just be asked the questions I was missing.  If they clicked on a particular door style, they'd still have to answer wood and color.  Clicking a color chip would require them to only answer door style, etc, etc.


                              I have no idea how you'd implement this with your current setup, by the way.  I coded the page myself in php, but I see you are probably on a Windows web server using asp.  I can't help you there.  Are you using a pre packaged ecommerce or is it someone's home brew app?


                              One other thing I've noticed on your site is that the titles aren't real representative of what's on the page.  I'm talking about up in the title bar of the browser.  The urls are mumbo jumbo.  maybe should be changed to but I'm not sure how you do that with your current setup.  What I used was apache's mod_rewrite, and this might be the asp equivalent:


                              I think the site looks god overall though.  One thing I wonder is how well it looks on a phone.  This is something I'm about to tackle on my own site...  Mine looks good, but it's small.  It seems, after looking at some other sites (including wikipedia) that perhaps they are making totally different sites for mobile browsers, but I'm not sure yet.