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    Supporting musical learning material for students and all

    skencar Newbie

      We provides a online service that provides online studies and scores that can be downloaded, for musicians that play the saxophone, trumpet and flugelhorn, being an ex-teacher myself I could not believe the amount of parents that constantly complained about how expensive learning material was and the lack of availability, the running around etc, and etc, where you would think educators (some, but not all), and musicians would be a great place for leads and networking we have found that that's not true, it's the general public, if anyone has any leads of those who really care about the cost and what it takes to succeed please let us know. We also are directing our energy into the handicapped.

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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Supporting musical learning material for students is a great idea. Also welcome to this web site.
          Tell us more. How long have you been in business?? Where are you located?
          It is great that as an ex teacher you are directing your energy towards the handicapped among others.
          Please let me know how I can help??
          Good luck, LUCKIEST
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            skencar Newbie

            Thanks Luckiest,


            This e-commerce- online only store was developed by 3 people who actually are ex and current programmers , that dates back to the mainframe days ( if any of you remember) two of them are musicians, and teachers, and so together created a product where for a minimal price that really covers just overhead , people can download etudes , studies and scores for less than $2.00.
            I cannot believe the numbers of moms that wanted both the audio and the scores for the children to practice with , and didn't have the money, and if did, the score didn't provide the audio and so on....
            They are all original practices and are designed for repetitive practice.
            We have a late download log-in where if you lost your download or didn't store it right you can log in for up to seven days and get it , and no questions asked, after that we would also email anyone their purchase , this is a perk, and its fun, and secure.
            We have our own online everything from security to store and our only out -sourcing is papal.
            We will be undated all to mp-3 within the next 30 days.
            We are encouraging the handicapped , for our product provides cost efficiency, fun, and time saving.
            We are a viable e-commerce store, also we encourage people to check us out, we can advertise , put your product up for sale and more, for a minimal price. We believe it takes time to build an ecommerce only sight and we are here for the long run.
            Its all about PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!