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    Little League sponsors

    Chris Newbie

      We are a little league that has been around for 50 years now. In the past there has been some support from the business community. This year we've decided that we needed to add Corporate Sponsors to the league in hopes of bringing in much needed monies. The last few years we have just made it to securing the field that we rent as well as we are'nt seeing the amount of kids. I'm looking for some help with where we can go for sponsors or how do we go about this. I've reached out to those businesses in our area and finding that they are'nt supporting little league anymore. I'm sure there are some out there that will help with a donation, but if anybody can help, please direct me.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Chris, You are on the West Coast, I am on the East Coast.

          I think you have to think outside the box. Yes there are always sponser's. The problem is finding them.

          Suggestion, Like Jerry Lewis, come up with a CAUSE, get your local newspaper to write a story about you, the team and the CAUSE.

          Good luck

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              Chris Newbie

              Your right! Its become that you have to be more creative in how we recieve attention to get the funding and what you provide for that donation recieved. I like your idea, bringing an awareness to this problem of trying to provide physical activity to the kids in America. Kids need a place to play that does'nt break the bank.