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      Can someone please tell me if there is anybody out there who will help someone with not so good credit with a 5,000 loan to start my business. I know I will generate money I just need some money to get me started. No banks will approve me because of my credit, a gov. loan takes too long. I need the money before the month of Feb. is over. Is it any help out there???
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          N 2 Braids,

          Welcome to the forum.

          I would suggest

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            LUCKIEST Guide
            N 2 MONEY, Welcome to this web site?? Can you please tell me why you need $5,000?
            Tell us more about the business you want to start?? How soon?? Do you have a Business Name??
            Have you developed a Business or Marketing Plan?? And when will we get our money back??
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                N 2 Braids Newbie
                Ok well first let me tell you a little about myself. I have been braiding hair in shops across the Hampton Roads area for 9yrs now working for other people. I now want to go into business and work for myself. I found a very small building that is equiped with everything I need. the building is just enough for one person to work in...maybe two people but no more than that. They are asking for $500.00 dollars a month for rent. I need approx. 5,000 to have so I will be able to pay the rent and bills until my business picks up. I need just a couple of months to really put myself and my business out there. I do have a strong plan to advertise everywhere. I eventually want my own website also. So far the name is N 2 Braids but that is subject to change. As far as when will you get the money back, I will only use what I need so I should be able to pay it back within a year or two depending how much I will actually need and depending on how good my business do. If my shop jump the way I plan for it to I can pay it back in 1 year definately. I do have a little clientel, but the clientel I have is on the opposite end of town from where the shop is. My goal is to advertise and get more clientel in the area in which I'll be working.
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                    Do you do your work in hair salons with chairs? Are you able to simply lease a chair in an existing salon?

                    I'd try to set up something without the risk of a $500 rent payment each month.

                    If the location you're looking for has been vacant for a while, and if you won't need to do too much work to it to make it good for your business, perhaps you should see if the landlord would be willing to rent it to you for a percentage of the sales.

                    I'd get creative before trying to borrow $5,000 to fund losses. It's generally a bad idea to borrow money for this purpose.
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                  N 2 Braids,


                  I say expand your vision. $5000.00 will only put you deeper in debt. You never borrow just enough to get by, you should always have emergency funds unexpected events. However, I recommend you continue where you are and strengthen your personal credit, and perhaps build business credit simultaneously. My company offers a business building credit program that roughly takes 7 months where you are establishing lines of credit in phases. For your consideration visit: We also help with personal credit as well.

                  I'll be happy to answer any further questions you may have. My email is

                  Take care,
                  TJ Morehead