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    Business Ownership

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      My husband and I currently own a web design company. We are merging with another design company. Our current company is just me and my husband. Our soon to be partner is just him and one employee. I am wondering what the best ownership percentage would be. Our partner is bringing the majority of clients / capital to the company, (not by much) but we are agreed upon having the ownership be 50-50 between our two companies. Meaning it would either be 50-Parnter 50-Either my husband or me - OR - 50-New Partner, 25-Me, 25-My husband. I don't really know what's best. My first choice would be having my husband and I "split" our ownership and do 25/25 between us, and 50 for our new partner, but I don't know if that will shoot us in the foot in the future with him having the marjority share. But then again, if my husband and I are united, then decision making would still be 50/50 right? I am not certain about all of this, and would greatly appreciate some insight!

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          Just as important as the percentage split, make sure your agreement has a well defined exit clause.  What happens if one partner wants to leave the business?  It is usually best to have these discussion early and agree to them prior to any animosity.  Hopefully things will work out well for you but plan ahead.


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