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    New, one person businesses.


      When starting a new small business, a single business owner can have a lot of expenses.  As the sole worker or even with a few workers you have to decided if you are going to rent/build a location for it, or work out of your house. Expense wise I would think it would be less expensive to work out of your house, but would it be safe?


      So lets hear your thoughts, with a new business is it better to work out of a store front or to work from home and why?



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          BizOptimizer Adventurer

          It depends on what the business is?  It depends on what the storefront will bring to the table:

          • Safety is an important issue, as is insurance, liability, corporate veil, intrusion on family members/occupants, etc and they should ALL be considered making the decision..
          • Profit is an important issue - Is the storefront going to bring in the revenues such that the profit is higher with the higher expense?
          • Image is an important issue - when you build your brand, how do you want people to think of you - storefront CAN be a big part of building a good image.

          In business, there is rarely one answer for all occasions.  The one reality in all businesses - it has to make a profit.  Your question is, how do YOU do that while satisfying surrounding needs, and other restrictions.


          Good luck,