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    Business Financing: Where to Turn?


      I often see people entering the community for the first time looking for information about how to finance their ideas. Many people have the drive and ambition ... they have the good ideas and all of their ducks in a row ... but they are lacking the funding to make their dreams a reality. Some are trying to figure out where to get start-up funding while others are seeking alternative funding due to problems with their credit report or the economy.


      Not always, but many times these questions about where and how to obtain funding are met with a slew of responses from "organizations" willing to "look over their information" and/or "finance them", generally at some outrageous rate with impossible stipulations destined to set one up for failure. Many make promises that aren't all they're cracked up to be. Where ever there is a need to be filled, there is usually some unscrupulous person out there just dying to get someone desperate enough to let them fill it.


      However, there are safe resources available. There are many individuals right here in the community who can be trusted to provide you with good, accurate information about your options. Also, you can find some safe resources at the Small Business Administration's website. From Podcasts to online courses, the SBA offers many informative opportunities. Just remember, when seeking information about funding your new business, always use your head rather than your heart. Take it to heart and be business smart ... if it seems too good to be true, it probably is! All the best with your future endeavours!



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          JackieGold Scout

          thanks for this! breath of fresh air for us business owners.

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            Tim Jacquet Adventurer



            The idea and innovation is why we are the United States, we can dream dreams and make our own dream. Everybody needs to understand how business and investors look at deals. You must have everything in place to make it easier for them to consider a deal. Your Sales, Your Structure (Complience), Your Personal, and Your Business Credit! YOU NEED ALL FOUR TO GET A DEAL DONE. You have have innovation but you have to provide that they market place is ready and you can sell it and the best way to do it is SELL, SELL, SELL!!!! I like a business who have over $300 in annual sale or more, good personal and business credit, and have all their corporate paper work in order. 



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              phanio Pioneer

              Financing a start-up business or even a small growing business is hard in any market.  But, it is really just another part of doing business.  Just like shopping around for a manaufacturer or supplier or even hiring employees - you just have to do your homework and in the end go with your gut.  But, if you take the time to research then you will be armed with enough information to make the right decision.


              As a side note, this is why we started our company.  I use to run a business incubator and finding financing for our clients was one of our biggest issues.  Thus, we created a website that outlines many solid options about small business financing, providing the pros and cons to them and then allowing users to search for, compare and selece companies that actually provide those types of capital.  But, what sets us apart from those you talk about in your post is that we don't charge anything (and don't want anything in return) - we just provide information and resources to help the business owner make better decisions.