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    Struggling (Fairly) New Online Business...

    LatteLover Newbie
      It's been a while since I've posted. I started an on-line Gift Basket business in September & didn't get any sales until around Christmas. I got a good boost, but since then I've only gotten 3 sales - 2 w/ a small profit - and now, I'm really struggling. I have tried to boost my advertising, but unfortunately I have limited funds - currently, none. I don't know if y'all can help spread the word, but I was wondering if anyone may have any ideas? Thanks.
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          Ed O'Gee Adventurer
          I have a few ideas.

          1. Forget about PAID advertising, you don't the funds to do it, don't do it.
          2. Find places to advertise for free, this site will let you post in business classifieds
          3. Get out there are sell your product - sales aren't just going to magically show up at your site, you ought to be selling your baskets to friends and family, if you are still working a full time or part time job, you ought to be selling to co-workers. Find a local flea market and sell your baskets there, all the while promoting the site. The more people get to know your work and like it, the more they will tell others about the site. Not bursting your bubble but gift baskets are not unique, you've got to get out there and really sell your baskets and your site.
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            Iwrite Pioneer
            Have you approached businesses about using your baskets as gifts? Try companies with a service slant (car dealers, advertising agencies, sales, and salons/spas - even high end women clothing stores)

            Even if they don't buy any, ask if they will display your signage or poster. This should require very little money but may result in a influx of business. Don't forget hotels and bed and breakfasts - I would even look at getting your baskets in recording studios and editing houses. The corporate gift idea might really pay off. Most of these require nothing but leg work, pounding the pavement.

            That's all I got. Hope it helps. Good luck.
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              GrowthCurve Adventurer
              I do not think you can support your business through paid online advertising.

              This is not a product that the customer pulls through the channel. This is a product that you have to push through the channel.

              In other words, you need to get out and market, market, market, and sell, sell, sell.

              You should also ensure that you're doing whatever you can to optimize your Web site for local search so that people can find your Web site when looking for "gift basket yourcity" and other similar search terms. This does not have to cost you a dime.
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                MillionsTrade Newbie

                Have you tried ebay?
                If you have kids, you may want to sell to teachers, staff at school.
                Post info about your bussiness at your doctor's office.
                Day cares, preschools, churches, community centers, libraries, have bulleting boards that sometimes allow people to put advertisements!

                Good Luck
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                  NatOnline Tracker
                  We are almost in the same field, January is not our best month online. You can prepare the Saint Valentime, perhaps it should be a good time to sell your gift baskets.

                  If you want to advertise, Craig's List is free, submission to Yahoo local is free. Another idea to hep you, try to call all florists in your area, some of them will be happy to sell your gift baskets and their bouquets together.

                  Good luck