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    Percentage to store owners?

    Little Peapod Newbie

      I have started my childrens clothing line and am ready to show my samples. Wanting to start slow to local stores. What is a fair charge/percentage for the store owners & myself?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome. Who are you?? Where are you??

          Go to the profile and share some more info.

          I do NOT think there is ONE fair percentage.

          I think that each store owner will want different percentages based on location of the store, size of your order

          size of their store and maybe a little give and take.

          Always ask for the largest percentage and be flexible and go down.

          You need a business and marketing plan.

          Good luck

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              Little Peapod Newbie

              I am located in Alabama. Right now, I am wanting to start small, maybe just one retailer to get my feet wet. I offer childrens smocked clothing. I am working with a manufacturer overseas. I do offer wholesale on my website, but just trying to get some direction on as far as whats fair for both. I do have a minimum I have to order from manufacturer. Also, do I get a percentage of what is sold in the store. This is my clothes line, with my name on it. Just looking for a little guidance. Thank you. 

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                  vinod1978 Adventurer

                  Typically stores usually want about 30% of the total revenue especially if you do not offer consignment. If you are starting out I'd offer 20% with consignment (aka credit), or 30% for a straight purchase and then obviously play with the price per unit for bigger orders.


                  It's all about how popular your products are - the more  you market your products, the less work each store will have to do to sell your goods.

                  Some stores may ask for proof of marketing (i.e. online advertisements, social networking, or tv advertisements).


                  Since you are just beginning now, you probably are not marketing your products that heavily but as soon as you get them into a store you should try to advertise on TV and other methods so that your brand becomes popular enough that you can offer stores a little less than you have to right now.


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                Kathleen F. Adventurer

                They need to double the price of whatever you charge them. It's called keystoning. It is possible they will double it plus 5% depending. No you don't get a percentage of what is sold in the store whether it has your name on it or not.