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    Financial Help= Affiliates

    Sanafega Newbie

      I think I have learned something new and I am testing the waters to see if it at least it will help generate some type of income for my business and turning a profit of some kind. I know everything takes time but I am not trying to ask for anymore financial help from banks or credit companies!  I have started using the internet to do small jobs. I haven't made thousands of dollars but everything takes time. And just seeing that I have made a few bucks in the name of my company makes me push harder.

      It reminds me why I started this to begin with. Now I can help others locate small jobs. The jobs are always limited but it feels good to make some money and help others make money too. That is what it is about for me not just making myself a few dollars but trying to help the economy as my American duty. And of course we have all learned that it takes money to make money. Just be careful with those who promise that your pot of Gold is going to be given to you.

      If you believe that you are a fool. I know I was, I signed up for some intense mentoring program that I am stuck paying for and All I have is some cool software...blah blah blah...the best mentoring yeah right everytime one of them calls me they are actually trying to sell me something not mentoring me. And everytime I tell them that I do not have the money all of a sudden they tell me that they will call me in a month or so when I am that really mentoring...OK lesson learned..but Im still stuck with the bill. Now I know better

      ....Research affiliates actually pay off not a whole lot at one time but it helps generate traffic for your site as well as pay you for someone clicking on their advertisements and or purchasing from their website. I think that is pretty cool.